Add/Edit invitation

To access invitations, locate the survey, then click on publish survey, then invitations in the menu box. Then click on new invitation

Click create, and the invitation is now stored. Its status will initially be "inactive". Before activating an invitation, you must add your invitees. This is done by clicking on Add invitees in the left menu box.


Do not change the link to the survey in the invitation messages. The survey might be unreachable if it is changed. The [ID] and [KEY] placeholders are used to track the invitees, to indicate who has responded, and who has not. [REOPEN] is only used when an invitee already has completed the survey and the link has been resent from the Opinio admin module. This is another key generated from the respondent id and invitee key. When this reopen key is valid the multiple response restrictions (if any) will be reset, and the invitee will be able to continue with the reopened survey. It is not used instead of, but in addition to the invitee key.

Remember to set up your email server first. See the section called “Setup”

Edit invitation. : To edit an invitation, the screen looks the same screen as when adding invitations. After you have edited the invitation settings, click save. The invitation will be set to inactive when saving, to prevent any "accidents". It will let you check your settings in the detail screen before you activate the invitation again. See invitations for more details on the settings on this screen.