TNT Advisement Feedback

Thank you for taking a minute to fill out our advisement survey. As Orientation many times is your first impression of Advisement at UNM, we want to make sure that we are doing as much as we can in a small window of time.

We highly encourage a one on one visit with your advisor if you have not done so already.

Welcome to UNM!
1. Which Advisor did you meet with today?
Trajuan Briggs  
Sage Byrne  
Beth Elkin  
Nate Faust-Shucker  
Stephanie Hands  
Maria Held  
Moises Ibarra  
Fern Nita Kelly  
Cameron Langner  
Azure Leyba  
Meghan Lippert  
Victoria Lobato  
Manuel Lopez   
Nicole Lovato  
Karen Majors  
Kate Merrill  
Stephonae Nelson  
Kelly Aragon Neuschwanger  
Farah Nousheen  
Keelan O'Riley  
Gloria Sands  
Scott Sawyers  
Jennifer Serrano  
Maggie Sumruld  
I didn't catch the name...  
2. Were you able to have a one on one appointment with your major Advisor prior to today's Transfer Orientation?
3. How clear is your understanding of the following items that were introduced during your TNT session?
Level of UnderstandingUnclearSomewhat clearVery ClearI dont know
Who is your Advisor and where is their office?
How to navigate LoboWeb.
How to navigate LoboAchieve.
How your transfer credits apply to your degree plan.
How your Advisor can support your progress.
What other support is available on campus.
How UNM is different from your last institution.
4. Was your Advisor responsive to your immediate needs?
Not at allSomewhatMostlyAdequatelyAbsolutely
5. Was there anything that you still needed clarity or information on that we can provide you? (If so please include your UNM email for a response.)
6. Thank you for taking the time to answer our short survey.  If you would like to provide any additional feedback please email with a subject line of Survey Feedback and one our our management team members will reply.