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Clinical Experience Preceptor

All of our Clinic experiences provide integrated activities that focus on sequential skill-building opportunities that include the biological, population and behavioral perspectives.


Continuity Clinic

Students receive instruction in interviewing and examination skills during their first semester.  CC offers them the opportunity to apply these skills in a clinical practice with real patients to reinforce what they have learned and how it applies to patient care, as well as to observe how an actual practice operates and to learn from their preceptors.  We try to place students in primary care or settings with a variety of patient concerns that need to be diagnosed or managed.

Clinical Contact: Erin Bouquin, MD
Contact Emily Grunberger for more information

  • Primary Care & Emergency Medicine
  • 1st Year Students (mid-year 1 through mid-year 2
  • 10 half-days, March-March
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