2017-2018 Annual COI Disclosure: Non-UNM Investigators

Please complete this disclosure as it relates to your participation as a non-UNM investigator working on a research project at UNM Main Campus or Branch Campus/es. This disclosure is required if you expect to participate in any research activities (funded or unfunded) at UNM during the 2017-18 academic year. This includes human subjects or animal subjects research protocols.

If in the course of submitting your disclosure you need to stop and submit your disclosure at a later time, please follow these instructions.  Failure to follow them will result in loss of information entered.  Please select the SAVE DISCLOSURE button at the bottom of the page. Enter your email in the field and click SEND RETURN TICKET. Your responses will be saved and a return ticket link will be emailed to you.  Follow that link to access your survey again.  

The COI disclosure is a confidential disclosure. Each disclosure will receive an initial review and your will be notified of that determination. If the disclosure requires a review by the full COI Committee, you will be notified of the decision via email. You could be asked to present at the Committee meeting.

If you have any questions while submitting your disclosure please view the FAQ's listed on the Main Campus COI Webpage: http://researchcompliance.unm.edu/coi-disclosure-guidelines. If you still have questions feel free e-mail us at coiresearch@unm.edu .

NOTE:  PHS funded research requires a PHS-NIH disclosure no later than the time of each application for funding.  The PHS project-specific disclosure is separate from the annual disclosure.  A link to the PHS project-specific disclosure is at http://researchcompliance.unm.edu/submit-fcoi-disclosure