UNM Pandemic Response Survey

This survey should take 5 minutes to complete. It is anonymous and confidential and was developed by the Campus Mental Health Team. We recognize this unparalleled time in our campus history may have created distress and hardship for members of our community. It includes questions about issues and symptoms most common among people experiencing stressful events. We would like to know how the pandemic has impacted you. At the end of the survey you will find a link to support services and resources. Thank you for participating in this effort to help us Protect The Pack.

1. Which category best describes your relationship with UNM? (Check all that apply)
I am a student  
I am a staff member  
I am a faculty and/or instructor  
I am a UNM Alumni  
I am a UNM Retiree  
2. Which UNM Campus are you associated with?
UNM Main Campus   
UNM Gallup   
UNM Valencia   
UNM Los Alamos   
UNM Taos   
UNM Rio Rancho   
3. How old are you TODAY?
4. I identify as (check all that apply):
American Indian  
African/ African-American/Black  
Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander  
Middle Eastern/North African  
Race Unknown / Prefer Not To Answer