Report filters

Invalid filters

Filters provide a way to build powerful reports. It is a way to "zoom" in on a subset of the respondent data and get a report based on this data set. For example, in question 2, you have a question that asks about gender (male/female). You want a summary report (all questions) on all females (you want to exclude all males from the report). Then you simply create a filter that filters out all males from this particular report.

Many filters can be created per report. If there are more than one, it is the sum of all filters that determines the data-set to report on. Thus filters should be created with care. For example, if you create 2 filters, one that filters out all females, then another filter that filters out all males, then the resulting data-set to report on will be 0 (zero) respondents.

If your survey has many respondents, several hundred or thousands, then it may take a long time to create filter. The reason is that Opinio stores information about each respondent whether he is included in the filter or not. If you know that the survey will have many respondents, it may be a good idea to create the filter before the survey is started.

To add a filter click on "Filters" in the Menu box when you are inside a report. Then click on "Add filter".