Question response piping

Use this piping source type when you want to bring the input from the respondent from one page to another. It's important to note that piping is processed on the server and that piping element will not be replaced with the value until the piping source has been saved. This means that the piping source (the question where the piping value comes from) and the piping tag could not be located on the same visible survey page. Place the piping tag on a page after the source question.

To create a piping definition of type Question response select "Question response" and click on the continue button.

You will see the list of all questions in the survey and can now select the piping source question.

If the selected question has more than one input (for example rating question and open-ended, or matrix question, or question with many in-text elements) then you need to specify the response type as well.

The following response types may appear:

If source question allows more than one answer to the response type (for example dropdown/multiple question with multiple selection allowed), then you can specify the delimiter for multiple selections. For example, if to question "Which day of the week do you like the most?" respondent selects "Friday" and "Saturday" from multiple selection question, the piping value will be "Friday, Saturday" if delimiter is set to ", ". And if delimiter is set to "and ", the result would be "Friday and Saturday"